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  1. All orders must be confirmed in writing either by fax or mail. Please indicate quantity desired, price, product number, color of item, imprinting instructions, shipping instructions and in-hands date. Please call factory for all applicable charges prior to submitting your order. The factory reserves the right to correct orders with any charges omitted. Orders will not be process without a Purchase Order.
  2. All orders are subject to credit approval. First time orders may require pre-payment before production of order.


  1. Less than minimum orders will be subject to a $30.00 - $60.00 (V) charge. Please contact factory for approval prior to ordering.
  2. Please contact our customer service for quotes and availabilities for orders exceeding end-column quantities.
  3. All special pricing or offers must be noted in the order prior to production. No specials will be honored after order has been accepted.
  4. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.


  1. Art must be sharp, black and white camera ready artwork sized at least 200% of actual imprint size.
  2. Electronic art files can be emailed to in PC format. Please fax a hard-copy with your order to ensure accuracy.
  3. Art modification is subjected to a charge of $40.00(Z) per hour.
  4. Personalization list must be submitted in Word or Excel format. Please include a hard copy and send the list in disk or by email.
  5. Camera-ready color separation plates must be supplied by the buyer. Please include a color composite with plates.


  1. All blank and randomly imprinted samples are memo-billed for 30 days. Crystals, glass, and marble samples are billed using 1st column prices. These samples must be returned in sellable condition free of scratches within 30 days of credit.
  2. Speculative samples (no more than 3 pieces) are billed with the cost of goods plus associated Set-Up charges.
  3. Pre-production samples can be ordered for $25.00(V). Lead time is 3 to 4 days (if overseas). The production time will only begin after approval of pre-production sample.


  1. 2 Free Paper-proofs are included in each order. Additional changes to paper-proofs are $10.00(V) per change.


  1. The standard lead time of 7-15 working days varies from item to item, please check the product page or contact us for more information. We will notify you if any unforeseen problem arises that will affect your required in-hands date prior to order acceptance.
  2. Rush jobs must be cleared by the factory prior to acceptance of order for availability. When available, a rush charge of $100.00(Z) will apply for same day service; $80.00(Z) for next day service; $40.00(Z) for 2-4 days services. For Special Orders, please contact factory for actual lead time and rush charges. Out of stock items at the time of ordering will require longer lead-time.
  3. Orders cancelled will be billed for all production, and product costs incurred. A processing fee of $30.00(Z) will be applied.
  4. We reserve the right to ship and bill +- 3% of actual quantity ordered.


  1. Our shipping point is F.O.B. Miami, FL. Transit time is not guaranteed by the factory and all claims must be made through the shipping carrier by the buyer within 7 days. Retain original outer carton, items, and packing materials for inspection by the carrier.
  2. We ship Ground Service unless otherwise instructed. We reserve the right to ship via Air at buyer? expense to meet the in-hands date.
  3. All freight pre-paid by the factory will be billed at carriers' public rates. WE CANNOT ACCEPT 3RD PARTY BILLING, And cannot use 3rd party shipping accounts.
  4. Drop shipment is $6.00(Z) per location.
  5. International shipments must be accompanied by a commercial invoice by the distributor. A shipping account must be provided for duties, fees and other charges. We cannot pre-pay freight costs for any international shipments.
  6. A handling charge of $15.00(Z) will be added for orders sent via U.S. Postal Service.
  7. $5.00-$20.00(Z) handling charge will be added to all crystal, glass, and marble orders.


  1. Please obtain authorization from the factory for any returns. All returns without authorization will be returned to sender. No credit will be issued for unauthorized returns. Blank items returned are subject to 15% restocking fee of net cost. Please inspect products as soon as they arrive. No returns will be granted 40 days after shipment date. Please clearly mark all cartons with our RA number.


  1. Our website is neutral and can be used by the end user to review our products. Distributors can log in with password (ASI #) and get access to our tracking and Email Cart features. Artworks can be emailed to


  1. Products shown in this catalog may vary slightly from actual products due to printing, photography and other factors.


  1. Logos, designs, and trademarks displayed in this catalog are for the purpose of showing printing capabilities only. Such use does not indicate that the product has been purchased by the person or company whose name or logo appearing on the product. These designs are not available for sale to anyone other than parties expressly authorized by the owner of such design or logo. All logos or material submitted by the customer for the use in producing items ordered, whether or not artwork by the factory is required therewith, will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, or other protection. Alfa instruments hereby disclaims any liability for compliance with such laws.


This process can be performed on metallic, wooden, crystal, and glass surfaces. On light or silver pens, the engraving would appear subtle. Therefore, the optional oxidation service can be ordered to blacken the etched surface. On Wooden surfaces, depending on the type of product, the etched surface may appear burnt black or light maple color (stained wood). On Crystal and Glass, the laser engraving will be frosted white.


This process employs a photographic method that transcribes the logo into a fabric mesh. The colors are then applied to the surface of the product through the mesh. Additional colors can be applied using a separate mesh that requires another Set-Up charge. Some products such as pens have irregular shape, and thus cannot be screened with logos that have very tight registration.


This process can be applied to most leatherette materials. Products such as organizers, portfolio, CD cases?tc. Please check with factory first for availability. Please be advised that the Die and Run charge are relatively higher than other available imprinting methods. A Set-Up charge will be added with a Die making charge. No repeat Die charges will be applied for re-orders, only a Repeat Set-Up fee.


Computerized Embroidery can be done on most of our bags. This process requires a Set-Up charge in addition to a Tape charge. The Tape and Running charge are dependent to the number of stitches. Only the Tape charge can be waived if it is supplied by the client. Up to 6 colors can be chosen and the actual embroidered logo must be larger than 0.5?W) x 0.5?H), also the font must be larger than size 14.


This process transfers the logo in a photographic fashion onto a vinyl stencil. The stencil is then applied manually to the crystal or glass piece and blasted by sand in a chamber. The etching will appear frosty-white and can be color-filled at an additional charge. Copy changes can be done up to 3 lines without incurring an additional Set-Up charge. Same logo applied to different pieces may require different Set-Ups. A Repeat-Set-Up charge is required for re-orders using the same logo.


This process produces a photo-like image logo on our bags, and can only be done in our overseas factory. Special quote with a minimum quantity, depending on the item, will be offered on case-by-case scenario.


LASER ENGRAVING $60(V) Glass/Marble
$50(V) All Others
$10(V) Glass/Marble
$25(V) All Others
$5-$15(V) Glass/Marble
$0.40(V) Pens
$0.60(V) Key Tags
$1.25-$3(V) Wood Items
#10(V) Glass/Marble
$0.75(V) Pens
$1.50(V) per Name
Add a Set-Up if no logo is needed
$30.00(V) $0.30(V) Pens
$0.40(V) Key Tags
$0.60(V) Others
$1.50(V) per 2 lines $25.00(V) $20.00(V) per plate
No additional Set-Up
SILK SCREEN $50(V) All Items $25(V) $0.40(V) Pens
$0.50-$1.50(V) Bags
$0.50(V) All Others
$15.00(V) per color $10.00(V) per color $30.00(V) $25.00(V)
Plus a die charge
Max. 3"(W) x 2"(H)
No Repeat Die Charge
$1.80(V) EA $4.00(V) Gold and Silver foil stamping $10.00(V) per color $60.00(V) $25.00(V)
Plus a tape charge
Per # of Stitches $25(V) Per # of Stitches
Please ask for Quote
$60.00(V) $25.00(V)
SAND BLAST/DEEP ETCHING $60(V) Crystal/Glass $10(V) Crystal/Glass Size Dependent
Please ask for Quote
$10.00(V) Glass/Marble $10.00(V) per name or
$20.00(V) per name if returned for personalization
$30.00(V) $10.00(V) per 3 lines $25.00(V)
4-COLOR PROCESSING $50(V) $25(V) Item Dependent
Please ask for Quote
Min. Quantity is required. $25.00(V)